Oracle Forms Conversion

Upgrade your legacy Oracle Forms and Reports to Internet Applications in minutes with QAFE Forms Conversion

With QAFE, you quickly and easily upgrade to browser-based, modern applications, without restrictions, protecting your investment in your legacy Oracle Forms and Reports.

  • Automated modernization of Oracle Forms to your Web framework of choice — GWT, HTML5, Adobe Flex — reduces Oracle Forms modernization costs by up to 95% (compared to manually converting legacy Oracle Forms).
  • Fast deployment with little impact on day-to-day business operations. 60-70% of the process is completely automated, resulting in a modernization that takes hours or days – not weeks or months.
  • QAFE manages ALL elements of your Oracle Forms application, including the data access, business logic and user interface.
  • QAFE creates single-page Web applications that fetch-and-submit data asynchronously and continuously.
  • Quickly add the benefits of modern IT architectures with no sacrifices to usability.

With the QAFE Application Platform you’ll be ready for the future. Separating the business logic from the front-end “du jour” makes your applications future proof.

Find out how QAFE Oracle Forms Modernization does most of the job for you.